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SaaS Based Centralized Management

SaaS Based Centralized Management Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

In order for organizations to make the most of the WAN optimization deployments, Predictive Networks provides an optional global management interface for managing the WAN optimization appliance or multiple appliances distributed throughout the network.

The Service Delivery Point (SDP) provides network managers and IT staff with secure, password-protected access to this global management tool using only a standard Web browser and Internet connection.

The SDP global management interface provides full visibility into how applications are performing over the WAN via customized, user-friendly, graphical reports. whether hosted at the customer site or accessed via the Web using a hosted software as a service (SaaS) model, SDP equips network managers and IT staff with critical information such as network utilization, top applications and top URLs accessed. With this information, network managers can control policies to fully optimize the network regardless of the number of remote sites. The management interface also includes self-management capabilities for centrally installing, configuring, patching and monitoring Exinda appliances.

SDP puts all of the advanced network visibility, control and optimization capabilities at the network administrator’s fingertips. It also offers significant cost savings by reducing network operating costs, simplifying common network control and optimization tasks and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).