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SeaNet Technologies is an innovative provider of performance management solutions. SeaNet delivers a fundamentally different system (SeaView) for identifying and measuring individual end-user experiences, providing organizations with business-focused metrics that enable them to optimize network resources and maximize return on IT infrastructure investments.

SeaView performance monitoring solution delivers the ability to measure, monitor, and analyze the key metrics of actual business transactions in real-time. SeaNet is the first company to actually deliver on the business requirement to understand the root causes of performance problems with mission-critical applications. Many companies have promised over the years to deliver on this requirement but SeaView performance monitoring separates from all others by delivering all of the granular performance metrics but doing this for all application users, all the time, and making it possible for the first time to understand these performance details within the context of the actual business "units of work".

The SeaView Performance Solution is made up of three components: SeaView/RTM™ which collects all transaction data, SeaView/PDB™ which assembles all transaction analysis into a historical repository for detailed historical analysis and, SeaView/VAC™ which makes detailed visualization and multi-dimensional analysis possible on both the real-time monitoring of RTM or the historical data-store of PDM. Working in concert, these three pillars of the SeaView performance-monitoring suite provide large enterprise and service provides unprecedented performance details for today¹s complex multi-tiered, mission-critical applications.

SeaView successfully bridges the divide between real and perceived end- user response time with multi-dimensional mining of all granular data over-time. Using the SeaView Performance Solution Suite, it is technically and economically feasible to monitor all transactions on all servers and for all users that demand optimum performance of your mission critical applications.

Solution Highlights

  • Centrally deployed passive probe captures all transaction data, 24x7
  • Agent-less solution allows rapid deployment and requires minimal configuration.
  • End-to-end measurements for all IP-based applications
  • Deep Transaction Inspection to understand the business context
  • Real-time and Historical Performance Observation and Analysis
  • Multi-dimensional Visualization of node and transaction performance metrics
  • Bridges the Divide between real and perceived end-user response time
  • Continuous auto-discovery of application topology
  • Comprehensive alerts and alarms for all types of performance exceptions
  • Enterprise Performance Information Integration
  • Customized reporting of real-time and historical performance data
  • Centralized administration through the SeaView Console