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Scrutinizer's parent company Plixer International is one of the fastest growing network performance measuring companies in the industry. Merged with Somix Technologies, Inc. in 2006 and founded in 1999, the team at Plixer works on many of the largest networks in the world.

Many companies still spend the majority of their time focusing on reactive issues and individual equipment problems. Plixer solutions provide a holistic view of the entire enterprise regardless of equipment vendor. Our software engineers work directly with customers to ensure that the tools quickly help pin point slow downs in the network and the applications which depend on it.


Now more than ever, data center consolidation, increasing remote users, and voice and video traffic are pushing companies to make careful decisions on the network performance analysis tools used to correct latency problems. With hardware becoming more reliable, locating performance degradation problems is becoming a primary concern.

Plixer has enabled thousands of customers to take a performance approach to troubleshooting and proactive traffic management. Our solutions quickly identify not only what device is having problems, they narrow down on the resource causing the problem; albeit the CPU or memory consumption or a specific host connecting to the server. In most cases, our tools can even help pin point the problem down to a switch port.

After all, with a healthy network and good performance tools:

  • Productivity can increase
  • A better understanding of security breaches can be gained
  • Capacity planning takes less time for new technologies, such as Voice over IP

In a well-run network the infrastructure becomes almost transparent, as thin clients run smoothly, profitability rises, and IT management gets the recognition it deserves.

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