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Performance Optimization

Visibility helps you understand how your WAN is being used, but you still need the ability to effectively manage the network. To maximize resources and meet user expectations for fast access to applications, you need precise control over traffic. You must also weigh legitimate business needs against your users' right to open Internet access. This may require P2P control and recreational traffic control that is as non-intrusive to users as possible.

The Exinda Unified Performance Management solution includes advanced policy-based traffic management and control. With Exinda, you can share available bandwidth among various users, groups and applications while restricting unwanted traffic. To keep low-priority traffic from interfering with WAN performance and application response times, Exinda allows you to detect evasive applications, limit the bandwidth allotted to P2P traffic or eliminate some types of recreational traffic altogether.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Control network traffic without placing heavy-handed restrictions on users
  • Reduce congestion and conserve bandwidth by limiting or eliminating recreational traffic
  • Detect applications that are designed to be evasive using Layer 7 application signatures
  • Implement and automatically maintain a fair use policy for network resources
  • Automatically change network behavior based on user-defined events and triggers
  • Centrally manage network resources and set policies using a single intuitive interface

Rocket science?

No need to have a Ph.D. to manage and optimize application flows across a network. Watch this YouTube video how to activate a new policy within 3 minutes.