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The Cymphonix EX series combines the best of both worlds. Cymphonix uses Deep Packet Inspection to identify the application type and signature to optimize network traffic by policy shaping and uses Deep Content Inspection to analyze if the actual payload of the packet contains any SPAM, virus or malware.

This makes the Secure Web Gateway from Cymphonix a powerful tool designed to help you control your organization's converged Internet traffic. The EX Series Network Composer marries high-performance, custom hardware with Cymphonix's new 64-bit XLi® operating system. By providing awareness of users, applications and content, Network Composer delivers unmatched visibility and control for your Internet connection. Now you can base performance and security decisions on real-time information from a unified appliance across single or multiple locations.

Mission Creep – Budget pressure

The growth in connected applications, rich media Web sites, malware threats and evasion techniques make your Internet more critical and more difficult to protect. As organizations look to cloud computing, software-as-a-service and other hosted applications, the challenge is only going to get bigger.

Real Visibility To Solve Real Problems

Securing the Web gateway means staying on top of what's happening to your connection—everywhere and anytime. You can only do this if you have complete visibility into your network traffic. Because of its unique architecture, Network Composer helps you pinpoint problems, analyze data, and create an effective action plan like no other Secure Web Gateway, all from a single appliance.

Discover Everything

Network Composer is powerful enough to sit in-line with your network connection and scan all traffic. It provides deep packet inspection for OSI Layers 3 through 7 with real-time HTTPS scanning—showing you what other Secure Web Gateway solutions miss.

Analyze to Understand

Network Composer provides powerful reporting and analytical tools that correlates and filters data for you. Now you can narrow in on the most granular real-time details or view historical trends for the entire organization.

Act Based on Intelligence

Using the unified, award-winning Network Composer interface makes it easy for you to create powerful, tailored profiles to prioritize and shape traffic, manage permissions and implement organization policies.

Are you experiencing this?

  • Limited visibility into internet traffic
  • Slow internet despite adequate bandwidth
  • Difficulty enforcing internet usage policies
  • Anonymous proxy sites bypassing URL filter

Experience more control of your internet connection with Cymphonix.

Cymphonix EX410
Cymphonix EX550