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The growing need for organizations to offer broader employee, guest and partner network access has created greater and often undetected security risks than ever before. With this user freedom and mobility, the need to better protect against unintentional and possibly malicious data loss is a newfound requirement. Support for wireless, wired and VPN access methods for these same users has forced organizations to create silos of policy systems and authentication stores that may or may not interoperate with each other.

To prevent unauthorized access and theft of information and to curb malicious activities, organizations must authenticate and authorize all users and endpoints in order to control risk. In addition, government compliance initiatives are forcing organizations to proactively deploy improved user identity and reporting mechanisms.

Avenda Systems eTIPS policy platform addresses these issues by providing the only access control solution that centrally manages policies across access methods and frameworks, operating systems, managed and unmanaged endpoints, and existing identity stores. eTIPS value proposition is in the delivery of a single platform that includes built-in AAA, network access control and policy reporting components.

Avenda Systems

Employing differentiated and situational access, eTIPS Series utilizes identity- based access control to support AAA services, including 802.1X and MAC and Web authentication; device administrative management; and network device enforcement via RADIUS, TACACS+, and SNMP. Built-in guest access portal offers visitor account creation tools, and visitor login and authentication options.

Optional health checks and remediation minimize vulnerabilities. Microsoft NAP endpoint assessment adds protection through antivirus, antispyware, and fire-wall checks and patch management and agentless vulnerability scans.

A policy engine deploys preconfigured templates through a simulate-monitor-enforce system. The Web-oriented service interface conducts reporting, analysis, and granular data troubleshooting of access requests.

What's Included

  • Complete identity-based policy engine
  • Native Microsoft NAP, NAC and health agent support
  • Built-in AAA services – RADIUS and TACACS+
  • Web and 802.1X authentication and authorization reporting, analytics and troubleshooting tools
  • Guest Access portal
  • Interactive policy simulation and monitor mode utilities
  • On-board vulnerability and port scan interfaces
  • Deployment templates for any network, identity store and endpoint

Avenda's flexible architecture equips customers for a phased deployment for secure network access, ranging from guest access and differentiated employee access to endpoint con- trol. The right level of identity-based control for your organization is achieved through a comprehensive and granular policy creation model.

Avenda Systems
Avenda Systems