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Application Acceleration

Acceleration by Optimizing Usage

WAN optimization is about getting every bit of performance out of your network. To make the most of available resources, you need to continually measure application performance and proactively adjust network behavior.

The Exinda Unified Performance Management solution combines sophisticated traffic optimization with intelligent acceleration. Exinda’s unique WAN optimization solution provides detailed application classification and prioritization, granular policy-based traffic control and selective TCP and application acceleration. With Exinda, you can dramatically improve application response times, increase traffic throughput and reduce the effects of latency. The result is near LAN-like application performance across your WAN.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Prioritize applications based on their importance to your business operations
  • Guarantee that critical applications get the bandwidth they need (e.g. VoIP or CRM)
  • Selectively speed up traffic with intelligent TCP, CIFS and HTTP acceleration
  • Increase workforce productivity by ensuring predictable application performance
  • Increase network connection speeds and overall network performance