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About Us

Predictive Networks is a Canadian based solution provider of Secure Web Gateways, Network Vulnerability Scans, WAN performance monitoring and Network Flow Analysis and Reporting.

The unique combination of the real technology, the right skills and good common sense has positioned Predictive networks in a unique and fast growing niche market. With over 15 years of experience in the network modeling and performance engineering space, we have deploy solutions in Europe and North America at financial institutions, local and central government, semi-conductor industries, manufacturing, publishing companies, etc. etc.

Founded in 2008 in Canada, Predictive Networks has offices in Ontario, Canada with regional partnership in SW Ontario and Greater Toronto Area.

Wilfried van Haeren, is president of Predictive Networks. He has been working in the IT sector since 1982 as an entrepreneur. Prior to incorporating Predictive Networks, he was principal consultant, co-founder, Managing Partner and CEO of several IT consulting, software development and IT services companies in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. He was responsible for managing the European professional consulting group of a US based and NASDAQ listed company, managed R&D teams, enterprise sales, international business development and strategic partnerships.