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Your Canadian partner for secure network access and internet performance

Providing your business with a consistently secure and performing IT infrastructure is a challenge. Constantly changing use of your IT network causes fluctuations in bandwidth usage resulting in poor end-user response time. Your business applications are now competing with social networking application for bandwidth on your Internet connection. On top of this all, virus attacks, SPAM and malware are constantly threatening the security levels of your costly network and end-user systems.

We are an IT infrastructure solutions company specialized in delivering innovative network security and network performance monitoring solutions. We combine these solutions with savvy and professional consulting services best fit to any size of business.
Our offerings ensure efficiency across your IT infrastructure needs.

  1. IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions
  2. Secure Communications Solutions
  3. Identity & Access Management
  4. Consultancy Services
  5. Application Visibility Scans
  6. In- and External Vulnerability Security Scans
  7. Remote IT monitoring
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